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If you or a loved one is facing the end of life, Gentle Solace is here to help. Our services include end-of-life support, funeral planning assistance, and one-on-one grief support. We believe in offering compassionate care during this difficult time to help support individuals and families.


Companionship and Caregiver Respite

Choosing a death doula means having someone who provides not only care, but a compassionate presence throughout the end-of-life journey. As a death doula, I offer companionship and caregiver respite for both the individual and their loved ones. My services are designed to provide holistic support, creating a calm and comforting environment to help ease the emotional impact of this time. Together we can navigate this journey with understanding and empathy.


11th Hour Services

As an 11th Hour Doula, my focus is on supporting individuals and their loved ones during the active dying process. I provide comfort, guidance, and a compassionate presence during what can be a profoundly emotional and challenging time. Whether you or someone you love is facing death, know that I am here to provide support every step of the way.

Flower Arrangement

Grief Support

At my death doula practice, I offer personalized grief support services to help you navigate the journey of loss and healing. With up to two weeks of support, I'll be by your side to listen, provide guidance, and assist with any needs you may have during this time. Together, we can work towards finding peace and acceptance in your grief journey.

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