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My Own Experiences

Hello. My name is Cassidy McCleary

Originally coming from a software background, my first real experience with death was when my grandfather suddenly went into a coma and was put on hospice. I took a week off of college to spend 3 days in vigil in my grandparent's home, surrounded by my close family. We stayed until the moment of death, which occurred right after my grandmother gave him permission to leave. We were fortunate to have someone present who was very knowledgeable about the death process and was able to walk us through everything. Words cannot describe how invaluable this was for me.


Later in life, I learned of the death doula profession. For a while, it was just a dream to be able to help people in this way. Things changed when I applied to be a hospice volunteer. I found it to be so much more rewarding than my day job. As a result, I made the decision to leave my cubical QA position to enter the caregiver sphere.



Skills and Experience

Hospice Volunteer

Hope Hospice
10/2023 - Present

I have worked with patients with dementia through Hope Hospice. I offer companionship, social support, and life reviews for those experiencing an end of life diagnosis. 

DoulaGivers Certified End of Life Doula



Trained by a certified hospice nurse, Suzanne O'Brien RN, giving holistic medical training for non-medical individuals. Covered the end of life stages, common end of life diseases and the associated medicines.

Deathwives 101 & 201



Studied the basic and professional aspects of death doulaship. Explored how to provide optimal support to those at the end of their life with real case studies, and about the American Funeral Industry. Covered post mortem body care and the legality around home funerals and permits. 

Terry Pratchett 

“No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away...” 

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